Protecting and Enhancing Quality of Life for Southwest Baltimore Communities

Landscape & Views from Caton Avenue Icon
Landscape & Views from Caton Avenue
  • Pollinators and native plants to enhance the view from Caton Avenue
  • Trucks and operations are hidden from view on the site’s interior
Environment Icon
  • Green building design will include highly reflective roofs, LED lighting fixtures, low-flow plumbing fixtures, upgraded building insulation, and stormwater quality management
  • Greenspace preservation areas exist throughout the property
Light and Noise
  • LED lighting fixtures will mitigate light pollution to neighboring parcels.
  • Site noise will be buffered by tree landscaping and the interior placement of the loading dock location.
City Logistics Traffic Stufy
  • Generate significantly less peak hour trips than other land uses of the same size.
  • Maintain acceptable or better service levels as defined by industry-standard trip generation analyses approved by MDOT SHA.
  • Vehicles are likely to turn right into the site and left out of the site at the signalized Benson Avenue intersection without burdening roads closest to Violetville.

Baltimore Communities are uniquely positioned to benefit from the rise of ecommerce and accessible opportunities for long-term career growth in modern logistics.

MRP's facilities across the East Coast are home to well-known household brands, many of which are recognized as some of the best places to work. Standard benefit options for full-time employees typically include medical, dental and vision plans, paid time off, 401(k), robust training and leadership development programs.

Here are a few of the ways in which City Logistics will enhance the local economy in Baltimore:

  • 150-250 construction positions
  • 350-475 new positions in logistics centers
  • A focus on skilled trades, labor, transportation, & service providers
  • Emphasis on local and regional subcontractors and vendors